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Welcome to the Manuscript Management System (MMS)
of Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate is an open access (gold) journal which is freely available to all readers via online access and article download. Rather than charging for subscriptions, the journal asks authors to pay article processing charges (APCs), of 800 € + tax (from 1st December 2016, 700 € for articles submitted prior to this date).

APCs are used to maintain and improve:

  • An up-to-date infrastructure for the article submission and evaluation process
  • The publication of its content using various formats adapted to different reading habits
  • Tools for indexation and discoverability
  • Long-term content access and preservation

From 1st December 2016 the APCs will include a new language editing service; once an article is accepted (but before publication) a professional language editor will check the English of all articles.

This service is applied only to accepted articles. The Editors-in-Chief may ask the author to improve the language prior to starting the peer review process.

When you register a new submission ("submit a paper" in the left-hand menu), you will be asked to enter your personal identifier (author identifier). This is a unique and confidential number that is attributed to you upon your first submission to the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC) or your first accepting to review an article for JSWSC. If you have in the past submitted or reviewed an JSWSC article you have received an author identifier. If you publish regularly in JSWSC, it is a good idea to note your author identifier for future reference.

If you are a new JSWSC author you will be asked to fill out a registration form after your starting "submit a paper", and an identifier will be attributed to you.

If you have forgotten your identifier, click on New submission and follow the links for retrieving your number. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address, and your identifier will be mailed to the given address if the MMS finds a correspondence between the e-mail address and an JSWSC registered person.

If you have recently changed your e-mail address, do NOT fill out a new registration form, instead contact the Editorial Office at, and your author identifier will be communicated to you.

Please, before submitting your manuscript, check if the presentation complies with the instructions for authors.